Sunday, October 26, 2014
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NAHRA - North American Hunting Retriever Association

September 1, 2014


Fellow NAHRA Members, 

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I am pleased to announce the introduction of a new logo for NAHRA. This new logo will allow the NAHRA brand to expand and grow and become more visible in a wider variety of media. We are very proud of the previous NAHRA logo and wish to note that it has served the organization well during its tenure. 

The new logo incorporates many of the defining characteristics of NAHRA. It was important in the creation of the logo that it would be able to tell the story of NAHRA and also create enough interest that the viewer may wish to learn more about us. The color components of the logo (orange and camo) showcase the versatility of the program and the truly well-rounded dogs it produces. The camo translates effectively to our waterfowl hunting and the orange to our upland pursuits. An “old-school” camo pattern was used as a nod to the long history of NAHRA (along with the reference to 1983, the year of our founding) as the originator of the standards-based retriever testing forum in the United States.  

The new tagline “Trained Hunting Retrievers” was market tested and found to convey several key points in a succinct format: It shows the reader exactly what type of dogs we are - RETRIEVERS, the fact that we are foremost engaged in the activity of HUNTING (as opposed to agility, technical field work, obedience trials, etc.), and that they’re not just “Hunting Retrievers” – they are TRAINEDhunting retrievers. Have you ever shared a blind or field with a RETRIEVER that was HUNTING, but you wished it was better TRAINED?  This lighthearted example illustrates the necessity of all 3 words… Our NAHRA dogs truly are Trained Hunting Retrievers!

You will note that its overall appearance, size, and construction will lend itself well to applications such as bumper stickers/window decals that can be difficult to see at a distance. It was also designed to be easily adaptable to black & white application without the loss of message conveyance. Research was conducted to ensure that it will duplicate well using embroidery, and will be able to be produced at reasonable cost, due to the number and type of colors used.

Starting in 2015, all NAHRA membership renewals will be sent a sticker with the new logo and additional stickers can be purchased from the NAHRA offices. Lifetime members will be sent a new sticker (since they do not annually renew their membership). Please take a moment to acquaint yourself with the logo and don’t be afraid to explain the significance of its component parts to potential NAHRA members when they ask about it!


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From our President

To Our Guests:

On behalf of the Board of Directors and the membership of the North American Hunting Retriever Association, Inc., I would like to welcome you to our website and our program.

We hope you will enjoy what you see here and maybe interest you in visiting with one of our many clubs located across the United States and Canada.

To learn a bit more about our program, our past, our people and dogs, please tour our site. Download a printable tri-fold brochure, it also contains a membership form and additional information.

Thank you for visiting and please enjoy our site.

Frank Plewa
NAHRA President


 Mission of North American Hunting Retriever Association 

"Conservation of game through the development of trained retrievers"

NAHRA’s purpose is to discover and reward dogs that can fulfill the hunter’s needs in the field by performing in a manner consistent with the demands of actual hunting conditions.

The NAHRA concept is based solely on simulating real hunting situations, both upland hunting and waterfowling. Tests are designed to simulate a day's hunt in the field. The purpose is not to confront the dog with trick problems, but rather to test the dog's natural ability and acquired training. Under the NAHRA concept, the objective is to recover the bird as quickly and efficiently as possible, to create the least amount of disturbance in the marsh and field and to give the hunter the maximum amount of time to actually take game.

Dogs are placed in five categories based on ability not age: Beginner, Started, Hunter, Intermediate, and Senior. Dogs do not compete against one another for placements, but rather their performances are judged individually against a "standard."