Stud Book

Stud Book

What is a Stud Book?

The primary means of attaining blood-breed status hinges on maintaining a stud book that provides a means to verify pedigrees as well as to illustrate the growth and development of blood purity.

The NAHRA Stud Book registers names, breeding background, colors, ages, sex, ownership document of our retrievers who have attained at least a Master Hunter Retriever (MHR) in our program.

The NAHRA Stud Book focuses on dogs bred to perform in the field. It supports no conformation showing.

To register your dog, you must be a NAHRA member and your dog has to attain a MHR or higher. If you meet these requirements, please click on the button below to fill-out the registration application form. The NAHRA Stud Book provides registered kennel names, certified lists of titles earned.

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