Saturday, September 23, 2017
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From our President

NAHRA President's Summer Message                                                   June 21, 2017


As I  write you this letter, the summer testing season is in full swing, and the 2017 NAHRA Invitational is only days away.  I would like to once again congratulate the Puget Sound Retriever Club for being this year’s host club and want to wish all the handlers the best of luck.  I have to apologize for my tardiness in getting a President’s letter out.   When I first took this position, I had visions of revamping the NAHRA News or some other sort of online communication which would highlight current NAHRA happenings, Regional reports, and anything else related to our organization.  Unfortunately, I have not had the time to put it all together and produce a quality product.  I would like to find someone who would be willing to be an editor for this project.  Until then, we will continue to post all new happenings on the NAHRA website.  I would also like to see the membership take advantage of the NAHRA forum which can be found online.

Speaking of the NAHRA Invitational, on behalf on the NAHRA Board, I would like to take this time to announce the 2018 NAHRA Invitational.  Congratulations to the Eastern Shore Retriever Club for being chosen as the host club of this event.  The event dates will be Wednesday June 6 through Saturday June 9, 2018 and be held on the Housman-Pepper property in Onancock Virginia.  Again, thank you and congratulations to ESRC and the Invitational Committee for taking on the task hosting this event.

This last spring the NAHRA BOD welcomed Sarah Hodges to the Board as the Central Regional Director; we look forward to working with Sarah.  Regarding Regions and Regional Directors, at our board meetings, we stress that the Regional Directors work closely with their clubs.  As a whole, clubs can still can do better on test applications and reports.  If clubs are having troubles or have questions, please contact your Regional Director first to work through whatever problems you may be having.  We have also tasked our Regional Directors to help clubs think outside the box when it comes to having more tests; finding clubs to come back and start holding NAHRA tests again; or to go into areas where there isn’t a NAHRA presence.  One example of this was January of this year when the Four Points Retriever Club held a NAHRA test in Texas.  We also saw NAHRA return to California, as this last May Inland Valley once again held n NAHRA event after taking a few years off.  We also have our friends in Alberta holding events this summer, too.  I’m looking forward to my visit to their event.  I also hear that there may be a new club forming out in the East.  We are in the business of having tests, so please spread the word and do what you can help out.  The NAHRA BOD still has its future Retriever Program going on, as well as an incentive for new and returning NAHRA clubs willing to host a test.  Please refer to the NAHRA website for complete details.

Before we know it, testing season will be winding down, and hunting season will be beginning.  The NAHRA calendar is full of events to get your dog ready for the uplands or duck blinds.  Enjoy the journey, train hard, and have fun.  Thanks again for all your support!

Kody Bull

NAHRA President