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Central Region

The Central part of the United States makes up the Central region of NAHRA.  This Upper Midwest area of the country has the best waterfowl hunting the U.S.  The Central Flyway and the Mississippi Flyway abundantly attract  many ducks and geese during the Fall and Spring of the year.

We also have some of the best upland hunting in the country, with North and South Dakota leading the way.  Both of these states attract hunters all over the country for Pheasants, Grouse, Partridge, and Waterfowl.  All the more reason to use a trained retriever for hunting!

In the Central Region we have 5 NAHRA clubs located in Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin.  We usually hold anywhere from 12-20 tests per year.  The regular testing season starts in April and ends in August or early September, just in time to begin the hunting season.  After this we regularly host NAHRA’s new pilot Upland Retriever Program tests.


You can connect to the NAHRA Central Region website Here. 

Please take a look at the list of clubs and events in the Central Region. We look forward to seeing you at one of our events soon!

Eastern Iowa Hunting Retriever Association Monticello IA
Four Points Retriever Club Buffalo MN
Hinckley Retriever Club No Website Plymouth MN
Midwest Retriever Club  No Website New Virginia
Skunk River Hunting Retriever Association Oskaloosa IA

 East Region

Making News!


NAHRA Inaugural Eastern Shore Test makes the NEWS!
Nice story in the local paper regarding the Inaugural Eastern Shore Test.


This is a large file, so please be patient.
Story is on page 22 of the Eastern Shore Post, May 1, 2015 edition.


The East Region of NAHRA is one that is highly diverse. While it includes the major metropolises of the east coast and southern Canada, it also includes the wooded ridges of the Appalachians, coastal bays and marshes, the expansive Great Lakes, numerous inland lakes, the Great Woods of the North County, and acres upon acres of fertile farmland. Despite the human population centers, the East Region is home to a wide variety of upland game birds and waterfowl. Popular upland birds include the ringneck pheasant, ruffed grouse, woodcock, and mourning dove. Waterfowl that either breed or migrate through the area include both Canada and snow geese, as well as representatives of almost all diving, seaduck, and puddle duck species found in North America.

 The Region has a deep heritage of hunting with retrievers that originated in the subsistence and market-hunter eras. Many of the first retrievers developed in North America were associated with the grand old duck clubs of the East. Retrievers of all breeds are wildly popular in the northeast as both gun and family dogs.  This combination of a deep hunting heritage and numerous retriever enthusiasts make the Northeast a hotbed of retriever sports. Plentiful game, along with acres of public and private habitat for wildlife affords retriever owners and trainers in the Northeast Region unlimited opportunity to hone the skills of their dogs. Through it’s Field Tests NAHRA Northeast strives to encourage and measure the success of these dogs and their handlers in achieving a level of proficiency that makes them the very best conservation tool available to today’s hunter.


The East Region of NAHRA is comprised of 9 dedicated and enthusiastic retriever clubs and has members in 6 U.S. States.  The Region typically hosts at least 16 NAHRA Licensed Hunting Retriever Field Test per year, scattered over as many weekends. Annually the Region celebrates the achievements of its members and their talented retrievers at a special Field Test for those that have achieved the standard, The East Regional Field Test. This is an event that showcases the best of the best NAHRA dogs.


Eastern Shore Retriever Club Baltimore MD Larry Houseman Paul Zurka
Empire Retriever Club Lancaster NY Jim Karr
Hudson Highlands Hunting Retriever Association Cross River NY Bob Tunney
Lake Champlain Retriever Club Swanton VT Vicki Butler
Leatherstocking Hunting Retriever Association, Inc. Geneva NY Dave Combs
Navesink River Retriever Club Brick NJ Rodger Parkhurst
Northern Piedmont Retriever Club Liverpool PA Greg Gable
Southwestern Pennsylvania Hunting Retriever Club Saltsburg PA Frank Petro
Yankee Waterfowlers Hunting Retriever Club West Bridgewater MA Art Cabral
West Region
2017 Nominated NAHRA Regional Directors
 The election process for West RD is now over.  After the votes had been cast, but before the results where announced, John Gilbert withdrew his nomination.  
Jennifer Hood will represent the West as Regional Director.
West: Jennifer HoodJohn Gilbert (Click Name for Bio)
West NAHRA members in good standing will receive electronic email ballots by January 13, 2017.  The NAHRA office will collect and tally all votes by January 27, 2017.  Candidates and clubs will be notified by February 13, 2017 with the election results.  Elected RD will begin their term starting March 1, 2017.

The western part of North America makes up NAHRA’s West Region. Clubs are located near the Pacific Ocean, within the Northern waterfowl nesting prairies, alongside the Rocky Mountains, from the southwestern deserts to the Continental Divide, inside the heart of winery country and amongst the most productive farms and ranches anywhere.

Vast is the best way to describe this region. It is 2,778 kilometers and/or 1,726 miles from Edmonton, Alberta to Phoenix, Arizona. It is 820 miles from Helena, Montana to Bremerton, Washington.

There’s geological, climatic and cultural diversity within this region with a combination that most likely is not found anywhere else within the North American continent. The people are adventurous, hard working and fun loving. There’s just something about “being out west” that needs to be experienced at least once. If you can’t find it here, well, I have no idea where it could be. This is a very special place where we play.

Please take a look at the listing of the clubs and their events within the West Region. I hope you find time to visit. As they say “come early, stay late” and “Cowboy Up”, “eh”!!!






Alberta Clipper Hunting Retriever Assc. 

Spruce Grove

AB, Canada

Copper State Hunting Retriever Club



Helena Valley Gun Dog Club



Inland Valley Retriever Club

Rancho Cucamonga


Northeast Washington Gun Dog Club 



Puget Sound Retriever Club, Inc.

Port Orchard


Spokane Bird Dog Association



Western Arizona Gun Dogs

No Website



Wild Rose Hunting Retriever Club



AB, Canada




Alaska Region

The Alaska Region and the Midnight Sun Gun Dog Association, invites you all to join us for our summer events! Typically our NAHRA tests are held during June and July all within a short drive of Anchorage.  There is no where else where you can be at an event and catch trophy salmon or halibut all on the same day!  MSGDA strives in making every activity a fun, family orientated event.  We hope to see the rest of our NAHRA family up here soon!

Midnight Sun Gun Dog Association Anchorage AK