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We will be having an election for Regional Director, East. There are 2 nominees. "Bio" from each candidate is to be posted on the NAHRA website.
Jim Hundemer -
I became involved with NAHRA in 2005 with my first retriever, Jager. I have since become a NAHRA Life Member, trained and titled two GMHRs, adopted and trained a third dog who has earned her SR and HR titles, and am now starting with my forth dog who recently earned his SR title and qualified in the Eastern Regional Started Field Test. I served as the Secretary/Treasurer for the now defunct Southern Maryland HRC for several years and have had the pleasure and honor of earning 24 judging points. All of these things were possible because of those who dedicated their time, energy, and talents to making NAHRA the best training and testing program for hunting retrievers. I feel it is now time for me to step up and lend my efforts to the ongoing success of NAHRA by serving as the Regional Director for the Eastern Region.
Bill Brown- 
Hello my name is William Brown and I live in Elizabeth, Pa. I have been  active in running NAHRA tests since joining my home club Southwest Pa Hunting Retriever Club.  Currently I have two dogs that are older and and waiting for a breeding to be able to get a  new pup.  

If I become the Eastern Region Director I will listen to whatever is being said and realize there are many “right” ways to get something accomplished taking everyone’s ideas to come to a common goal.  Since I have been very involved in running our SWPAHRC tests and as a judge traveling to other clubs it has made me realize success only comes from many folks pulling together working for the common goal.  

Recently we have seen several losses of tests in our region, much of it nobody’s fault. I would like to continue the support clubs that are doing good and try and regain some of our lost ground where we have lost clubs and tests.  Whoever is chosen as our Region Director is I will solidly support our organization.


Check out this great article on the 2017 NAHRA Invitational in the Kitsap Sun Online.

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NAHRA Members, Club Reps and current NAHRA Regional Directors,

 Please note that the election process for the NAHRA positions for Alaska and East NAHRA Regional Directors begins November 27, 2017. In the past, RD elections have been led by those RD's in the regions in which the elections were taking place. Because of the possible conflict of interest or the appearance thereof, the NAHRA Board of Directors has established an Election Committee to hold these elections. The committee consists of the following individuals, NAHRA President Kody Bull, NAHRA Vice President Harry Williams, and NAHRA Secretary Sue Snow.  Please Note:  only Club Reps of current NAHRA clubs in good standing may nominate Regional Directors within their Region where elections are being held, i.e., Alaska and East Club Reps.   Nominations for Regional Directors must be sent to Harry Williams at sequimbreeze@aol.com starting November 27, 2017. Please see below for the specific dates regarding this election.  Late nominations will not be accepted.  

 ·        Election Committee will confirm nominees. If there is more than one nominee for a Regional Director, the Election Committee will request bios from the nominees by December 15, 2017.

·       Election Committee will publish bios and post on the NAHRA website, no later than December 29, 2017.

·       The Election Committee will send out electronic ballots to all current NAHRA members in good standing within the Region(s) via email to those Regions where more than one Regional Director candidate has been nominated by January 12, 2018.

·       NAHRA Home Office to collect and tally all votes by January 26, 2018.

·       Election Committee to notify candidates and clubs of winners by February 9, 2018.

·       New Officers and New Regional Directors to take position on March 1, 2018.

 We thank you for your attention to this important election process and look forward to receiving your nominations.  Please feel free to contact Harry Williams if you have any questions regarding this election.


New NAHRA Rulebook Available Here

  New Club/ Returning Club Initiative:

1.  A “new” club would be a club that has not ran a NAHRA test.   A “returning” club, is a club that previously held a NAHRA Field Test but has not participated in NAHRA events for the previous 3 years.

2. New/returning clubs would receive a 1 year NAHRA Club membership. In addition, all of the club’s non existing NAHRA members would receive a 1 year NAHRA membership if and when the club schedules  a NAHRA Field Test through the cognizant Regional Director. 

3. All NAHRA event fees will be waived for the first Field Test that the club holds.

4. The Field Test Application, and the Final Field Test Report will still be required based on the current requirements and time lines.  Huntsecretary.com entry service will be contacted for that hunt and instructed not to charge for NAHRA fees.

5. All fees to Huntsecretary will still be in place as this is not a NAHRA fee, it is a fee for Huntsecretary’s servicesTo take advantage of this new initiative, please contact your NAHRA Regional Director.

 The NAHRA BOD unanimously approved to take the Upland Retriever Program Pilot program, and make it an official licensed NAHRA event 

There were no changes to the final pilot rules, and all points achieved during the pilot period will be awarded.





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New NAHRA Rulebook is not for distribution and only accessible by registered members.


New NAHRA Rulebook Available Here

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NAHRA Rule Book


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Thanks to everyone who was involved in the election process. 

Congratulations to the following individuals who will be taking their new board positions on March 1, 2016.

President: Dan Hove

Secretary: Sue Snow

Alaska RD: Graham Wood

East RD: Paul Zurka